Mandy Moore, 39, shares her top wellness tips

  • Mandy Moore reveals her best healthy habits and favorite products.
  • “I really strive to make time for myself,” she says. protection.
  • divide b Allbirds Trail Runners To stay active a Hydro Flask Water bottle to stay hydrated.

Mandy Moore Busy. As an actress, mother of two, and cat mom of three, the star knows how easy it is to leave self-care at the bottom of her to-do list. But the this is us The star finds its way. And she seems to be doing it all while glowing from the inside out (thankfully, we’ve already received some insights into her makeup routine). The star recently made time to sit down with him protection and chat about wellness, fitness, and what you do to feel your best.

the Unforgettable outing The star says that although she “craves routine,” being a mom is often hard to find. “I have a very active toddler, so I feel like we’re always on the go — we’re at the park, we’re running around, we’re in the pool.” Ahead, she shares how she manages it all.

Prioritizes self-care

While she’s been spending quality time with her husband’s “fur babies” and two boys this summer, she knows that finding time for self-care is important. Early mornings or evenings when things calm down, “I find rituals for myself, whether I take a shower — I’m a big shower fan — or read a book. Every day feels a little different, but I realize it’s important to have that time for myself that makes me a whole person.” And therefore a better father,” Moore explains. “So I really strive to make time for myself.”

Moore understands that a large part of her general wellness comes from the love she feels for her family — including her “fur babies.” Moore has three rescue cats (Peanut, Fig, and Olivia) that she says she and her husband call “The OG Babies.” So allowing her cats to “live happy, healthy lives” is important to her. She ensures that they get all the nutrients they need by feeding them Purina Cat Chowa brand they partnered with to celebrate 60th anniversary. “It’s really exciting to be a part of,” she says. protection.

Finds time for fitness

Moore’s definition of self-care changes from day to day, but she makes an effort to incorporate physical fitness. “I feel lucky because I hope to find some time for myself a few times a week to exercise or to move my body,” she says. And while the actress admits she would “rather chew on a glass” than go for a run (celebrities, they’re just like us!), she keeps active by going for walks in sunny Southern California, hopping on the peloton, strength training, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). ).

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Invest in great equipment

Whatever Moore moves, she “loves” to wear Allbirds Trail Runners, which are “great for hiking” and other exercises. Another key aspect of the star’s health (and all of us) is hydration. “I try to be really good about my water intake,” she adds. “They say you’re supposed to get at least half of your body weight in ounces of water every day, so I try to get to at least that.” Moore uses a Hydro Flask Water bottle that says “Reminds me to drink water and there aren’t a million water bottles in the world.”

Tries nutritional balance

Nutrition is the other piece of Moore’s health puzzle, and she admits that “fueling my body” wasn’t always a priority. “Now, I’m much better at it, respecting what I really need,” she explains. “I know what makes me feel good. And I’ll just listen to my body in that sense.”

She says that while foods like yogurt, green smoothies, almonds, and dried fruit are all healthy snacks that she likes to include in her diet, “life is about balance.” She says she will never miss a chocolate chip cookie, french fries, or a glass of wine. “I always want these things to be a part of my life, too,” she admits. “I don’t have fun without them.”

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